I grew up in a small Ohio town, and I rode the school bus from 1st through 12th grades. My bus ride always included a country road on which every school day we saw a one-room brick school house. (SW corner of Stine Rd and Enon-Xenia Pike). As the years went by, I watched this wonderful, familiar friend fall apart. After I married, the school really began to deteriorate. Every time we visited the area I would want to take a photo of the school, but never did. Finally, when we went specifically for the task, the school was gone. It was a huge loss for me and, since that time, whenever we pass a one-room school, it is a joy to stop to take a picture or two. Thus, our collection here, and the one with schools in other states. Jill :oD

Friday, April 20, 2018

Cedar Rapids, Edgewood School

A “boxcar school,” closed in the 1950s. Located on its original location at 2523 Zika Ave NW.  It has been radically modified so that one would never realize it used to be a school!

This first two photos are of the north side of the building, the last one being of the south side.

Photographed 4/19/18.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Putnam #6, Honey Grove (Honey Creek?) School.

Closed in the 1950s.  Address is 5616 Honey Grove Rd.  From Ely one can proceed north on Jappa Rd to US30, and directly across the highway the road becomes Honey Grove Rd. From Cedar Rapids one would take C Street south and turn east under the railroad overpass on to old Ely Rd for a short distance and then turn east on Old River Rd.  Proceed ENE to Big Bend Rd, then proceed south to where it forks left and right on Honey Gove Rd; one needs to turn to the left to the school.  Over grown and not taken care of; shows an addition to the front, and a garage attached to its west side.
Photographed 3/2/18

Monday, February 12, 2018

Where Are the Students Now?

This comic was shown to us today at a 1-room school presentation titled, "Most Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned in a One Room School," put on by Hills Bank in Hills, IA.  It was a very interesting presentation, and I just had to request this comic be sent to us for posting here!  Unfortunately, this blog will not allow a larger view without it stretching to the far right side overlapping the right column!  BUT, you can click on the comic to enlarge it.  I promise you, it's worth it!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Wilton Township #4

From U.S. Highway 6 in Durant, proceed 3.5 miles south on Underwood Ave to the junction of 130th St; this junction is just a curve west from Underwood, and the address is 3301 Underwood.  It appears that originally 130th continued east on the south side of this school and Underwood passed on its east side.  There are still playground items and a pump in the yard. Additions have been added to the north, west, and east sides of the original structure.

The first two photos are taken from 130th St looking east-northeast:

This second photo is zoomed up on the original section
This last shot is of the south-east side of the structure.
Photographed 1/6/18

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Milo #8, Copperhead School

SE of Manchester.Dates posted above front porch are 1906-1953, but some think it was built late 1870s/early 1880s.  Square nails are observed in the construction.  If coming from the south on State Highway 13, turn east on 255th St and drive about 3.3 miles east to 197th Ave. and then turn north. Proceed about a mile and the school will be on the NW corner of 148th St.  If coming from Manchester, proceed south out of town on County X21/Jefferson Rd to the junction of 240th St/197th Ave and then turn south and proceed about 1/2 mile.

Photographed 11/26/17

Maine #7, Rabbit’s Grove School

ESE of Central City.  Easiest access from Central City is to proceed east on Sawyer Rd to Jordan’s Grove Rd and then turn south to Game Club Rd and turn east.  The school is on the north side of Game Club road, about .015 mile east of Jordon’s Grove Rd, and immediately on the east side of Heaton’s Creek.

Photographed 11/26/17

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sugar Creek Twp #2, Pleasant Hill School

Closed in the 1950s.  Located at 1497 290th St/County Route F44, 1/2 mile east of Old Muscatine Rd, north side.  Residence.

Photographed 11/10/17

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Allens Grove #4

Built 1872.  On Allens Grove Rd, a bit over a mile SE of Dixon, north side of the road and about 1/10 mile SE of 70th Ave, 8/10 mile NW of 288th St.

Photographed 10/21/17
Someone shared the following photo on Facebook; it is a really good shot for showing the construction of the front with the two doors and center decoration, as well as the nice-looking school ID sign.

Allens Grove #5, Sand Hill School

North of the town of Donahue.  Built ca.1872.  At the NE corner of 115th Ave and 290th St/St Ann’s Rd.  Completely covered with “log” siding, with large rustic front porch added.
Photographed 10/21/17

The following photo, posted on "The Forgotten Iowa Historical Society" Facebook page, was taken in 1956:

Allens Grove #1, Donahue School.

Built ca.1872.  On the north side of Donahue on 115th Ave, NE corner of 9th Ave.  Now used as “Old School Antiques.”

Photographed 10/21/17

This photo was posted on "The Forgotten Iowa Historical Society" Facebook: