I grew up in a small Ohio town, and I rode the school bus from 1st through 12th grades. My bus ride always included a country road on which every school day we saw a one-room brick school house. (SW corner of Stine Rd and Enon-Xenia Pike). As the years went by, I watched this wonderful, familiar friend fall apart. After I married, the school really began to deteriorate. Every time we visited the area I would want to take a photo of the school, but never did. Finally, when we went specifically for the task, the school was gone. It was a huge loss for me and, since that time, whenever we pass a one-room school, it is a joy to stop to take a picture or two. Thus, our collection here, and the one with schools in other states. Jill :oD

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Iowa Township, Oak Grove School

West of Riverside, Address is 1129 Redwood Ave, .6 mile north of State Highway 22.  West side of road facing east.  Bad shape.

This first photo is of the NE corner of the building:
East side, front door:
SE Corner:
South Side:
SW corner:

Photographed 7/1/17

Sunday, June 18, 2017

English River Township, Unknown.

SW of Kalona, at the SE corner of Kiwi Ave and 130th St.  Best accessed from going west on Highway 22 from Kalona about 2.5 miles to Juniper Ave, then turning south.  Proceed to 130th and turn east and 130th ends at Kiwi. A house has been built behind the school.

Photographed 6/18/18

Jackson Township #2, Egypt School.

SSW of Riverside. Closed in the 1950s.  SE corner of Palm Ave and 170th St., facing south.  Fairly well preserved.

Photographed 6/18/17

Jackson Township #1

South of Riverside, at the SE corner of W61/Riverside Rd and 170th St., facing south.  Exterior somewhat preserved, inside trashed.

Photographed 6/18/17

Jackson Township, Unknown

North of Washington, on the NE corner of Palm Ave and 190th St/Highway G26, facing south.  Converted to a home.
Due to the foliage, the best shots are from Palm Ave, with the last one being from 190th St.  Will have to return in winter.

Photographed 6/18/17

Franklin Township, Grace Hill School

WSW of Washington. On north side of 270th St, a mile west of Ivy Ave.  Converted for farm use, derelict.

Photographed 6/18/17

Seventy-Six Township, # Unknown

ESE of Keota.  Located at the NE corner of Elm Ave and 210th St.  Moved back from original location, but outhouse remains on original site, and the bell is also by the newer house on the original school site.  Converted for farm use.

Photographed 6/18/17

Seventy-six Township, Center School

NE of Keota.  Built 1889. Originally at the SW corner of Dogwood Ave and 190th St/Highway G26. Moved one mile north to a farm on the NE corner of Dogwood Ave and 180th St.  Facing south.
This last photo was taken from Dogwood to see the west side of the school:

Photographed 6/18/17

Smith Creek School

Established 1854. Originally located on the Mabel Aller farm.  Preserved at a Historical Park at SE corner of 7th Ave and 8th St.
This last photo was taken through the door window:

Photographed 6/18/17

Friday, June 16, 2017

Blue Grass #8

This school is west of Davenport, on 110th/Buffalo Ave, one mile north of 160th/Locust St, west side of the street.  Converted to a home.

The first photo is taken from the south.

Photographed 6/15/17

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lincoln #7 (Possible)

On White Oak Ave, about 1/4 mile north of 560th St., on the west side of the road.  A building is located on the site, and looks like it was maybe the school.  There has been a large door cut on the south side of the building to make it a machine shed.  The west side wall is plastered with a chimney.

This first photo is of the north side:
The remaining photos were taken from the south side of the building.

Photographed on 5/30/17

Liberty #1, Sunnyside/Sunnyview School

On 480th Street at the west end, north side of the road.  480th used to continue east but is now cut off by US218.  According to the 1912 school map, the building appears to have been moved east from it’s original location; the person telling me about the school, Jessica Issen Miller, who visited this house once, said she thought it may have been. Jessica gave this information: 

“They put a little addition on one end and made a bedroom and a bathroom.  Then at the back of the school they put a kitchen along the wall and built a loft over the kitchen for a second bedroom.  It’s an open loft…. The wood stove is toward the front of the building up on a platform where the teacher would have had her desk. And I am pretty sure there were still chalkboards.”

This first photo is of the west side:
South side:
North side, seen from US218:
East side, seen from US218:

Photographed 5/30/17.