I grew up in a small Ohio town, and I rode the school bus from 1st through 12th grades. My bus ride always included a country road on which every school day we saw a one-room brick school house. (SW corner of Stine Rd and Enon-Xenia Pike). As the years went by, I watched this wonderful, familiar friend fall apart. After I married, the school really began to deteriorate. Every time we visited the area I would want to take a photo of the school, but never did. Finally, when we went specifically for the task, the school was gone. It was a huge loss for me and, since that time, whenever we pass a one-room school, it is a joy to stop to take a picture or two. Thus, our collection here, and the one with schools in other states. Jill :oD

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Canton Church/School

Built 1877 and on National Register of Historic Places, this building was used for both the school and church.  Located at 14723 3rd Ave.  3rd Ave is the first street west of the bridge on County E17; turn south and go about 1/4 mile.  Interior shots taken through two windows I could reach.

Photographed on 10/26/15

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